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Processing coated and bonded hides and fabrics

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For synthetic hides, the coating technique involves applying a chemical product onto transfer paper with the intention of creating a unique homogeneous texture that reproduces the design and quality of the raw material. Coating lines are used for the production of synthetic leather and fabrics: a process mainly used in the clothing and furniture sector.

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The bonding of fabrics or hides is a sophisticated process to join two or more materials, suitable for the textile and leather goods market. Sintex machines are intended for finishing leather and other fabrics to transform the product into something new and modern through a genuine creative process: even the finest materials can be treated for a unique ennoblement.

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Laminating technology involves transferring specific characteristics from one media to another. Sintex proposes lamination lines for polyester and cotton fabrics using fabrics or plastic film, and for release paper and film with synthetic or natural hides.

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Among the machines, drying ovens are of primary importance. Not only does this process dry the product, but thanks to the high temperatures and ventilation, properties are transferred to the material as a result of a chemical process induced by heat.

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Printing lines for synthetic hides follow a production process using engraved cylinders that deposit covering inks or lacquers. Many colours can be used, and a reverse printing system can be achieved: a particularly fast liner replacement mechanism that enables easy colour changes. Embossing lines for imprinting a design or smoothing synthetic PVC or PU leather, firstly heat the product surface by means of a hot cylinder and infrared heating panel and then produce the embossing by means of engraved cylinders or specific papers.

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Discover the best Sintex technologies for processing hides and fabrics.