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Technology that ennobles hides

Sintex is a company that manufactures through sophisticated technologies developed from years of experience gained in the textile sector. Sintex has always had a special focus and interest in research and development, Sintex and owes its success to the founder Bruno Griffante who founded the company in 1996 together with his sons Giuliano and Giancarlo.

"Family at the centre of the world”

Bruno Griffante

A skill perfected since 1965 when Bruno Griffante was employed as a production manager in a textile machinery business. His passion and interest in this environment never left him, leading him to become the co-owner entrepreneur of a leading company in the machinery sector for transfer coating on silicon paper for technical fabrics in 1973.

This led to the idea of investing in a business focused on finishing synthetic fabrics and hides: a project driven by passion and the family bond that has always identified Sintex as a company attentive to every single detail of production, dynamic, precise and punctual. Since 2011, with the addition of Alessandro Pizzeghello as sales manager, Sintex has entered an extra-European market that has allowed it to expand and confirm its experience.

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"Tanning hides is an art,
ennobling is a work of art"

Bruno Griffante

"La concia delle pelli è un'arte,
Ennobling is a work of art"

Bruno Griffante

Sintex is an innovative company in the sector of coating for technical fabrics and synthetic leather for businesses associated with the clothing industry, the furniture sector, and in the industrial and automotive sectors. The company supplies special machines for resin coating, impregnation and bonding of fabrics and textile products, release paper coating for PVC and PU and in the construction of pilot machines for research and development.

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Over the years Sintex has expanded its production range, towards new hide finishing systems: a modernisation also influenced by the proximity of the tanning hub of Arzignano. The company is credited with the invention of a genuine sector, namely that of ennobling hides using transfer paper, with the introduction into the market since 2016 of latest-generation machinery such as Sintleather.

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Work of art ennobling.
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