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Small scale systems for laboratories

Sintex produces technological solutions for processing hides and fabrics, intended to be used for testing in chemical laboratories, for coating and in tanneries. Small scale machines have exactly the same characteristics of a real production plant: the use in laboratories guarantees precision and quality in small scale dimensions, with similar performances to mass production.

"We are constantly working and implementing in the research of increasingly sophisticated technologies"

Sintex's machinery for research and development is not only intended for manufacturers of fabrics and synthetics, in fact the areas of use range from chemical laboratories that test leather products, to tanneries for monitoring their production, and in various sectors such as clothing, furniture, industrial and automotive.

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Sintex has particularly focused on companies that invest heavily in the research and development of innovative free solvent products: for this sector the company committed to creating a line dedicated to pilot plants of various types, sizes and performance.

Research and development
Research and development
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