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Sintleather 2.0

Work of art hide ennobling.

Sintleather 2.0: a revolutionary machine that combines traditional spray technology with that of transfer coating on release paper in order to develop a process of ennobling full grain leather and splits. A process that determines a genuine recovery process of the material while maintaining its characteristic softness and naturalness.

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"Ennobling hides,
an art that becomes a work of art."

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"Ennobling hides,
an art that becomes a work of art."


The know-how and professionalism, of Sintex are recognized in Italy and worldwide: to date the number of active Sintleather systems are in continuous growth, demonstrating an increasingly strong collaboration between the company and its partners. Sintleather is sold with the guarantee of the standard finished product and the granting of International Patent use pending on the system itself.

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Quality hide finishing

The Sintleather system stands out for its unique simple to use, performance and cost features.

Simplicity is synonymous with productivity
  • Simple to use: additional roller coaters can be added for every need, without problems of synchronism or manoeuvrability.
  • After brief training, you can immediately manufacture autonomously.
  • The controls are distributed throughout the line, to reduce production activation times.
  • Once started, the system always maintains paper synchronism without tearing or creasing.
  • Possibility of using different types of paper with different characteristics in terms of grammage, pattern or slip.
  • Simple and intuitive paper roll change by means of a large accumulator.
Less costs, more quality
  • Maintenance is minimal and essentially involves cleaning the system.
  • The motors used for paper handling are designed, built and assembled entirely in Italy, with the lowest consumption in the world.
  • Sintex ovens are insulated with sheet metal panels containing rock wool with high density for better insulation. This allows the reduction of heating consumption.
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Hide dryings: quality performance respecting the raw material
  • Coated paper drying ovens reach the desired temperature in minutes, reducing waiting time by up to 50% compared to standard ovens
  • The paper bonded leather drying oven has a 70% higher capacity, up to 54m, compared to the standard oven, allowing low-temperature drying to maintain the soft characteristics of the hides at the same speed
  • The volume of the oven is reduced by 50% compared to the standard, thanks to three multi-layers
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Paper release management for careful treatment down to the smallest detail
  • The general control panel is controlled by the dedicated Simplicity software designed specifically to manage the hides and paper together by detecting the slightest variations in pull and adjusting them automatically.
  • Reduced risk of creases and breaks by increasing paper usage by up to 25% more than standard.
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Innovation, technology and future: discover Sintleather by Sintex.
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